The Transparency Act

Due diligence assessments

The Transparency Act

In the year behind us, we have continued to work on risk assessment of our suppliers.
The assessment that forms the basis of the selection is based on previous experiences with these, the scope of the deliveries, signals, and societal trends.

The survey that has been distributed shines a spotlight on areas such as the company’s work with relevant requirements concerning the Transparency Act, other approvals and any findings and deviations associated with these.
No breach of the Transparency Act’s requirements has been discovered in any of these.

In addition, we focus on AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) in relation to our transport services suppliers. This approval scheme, administered by the Norwegian Customs Authority, sets further requirements for companies’ internal control. It provides a good supplement to the requirements of the Transparency Act. Our business also holds this approval.

Geir Teistung
Managing Director

Most of our suppliers are Norwegian or Norwegian-based companies, but we have some foreign suppliers.
As for our ability to influence and control businesses in other parts of the world, we experience them as limited. In these cases, we refer to the requirements and rules we know in the respective countries.

In addition, we seek to use suppliers associated with a recognized network of freight forwarders who demand members’ honesty and financial order. Furthermore, members must comply with ethical guidelines drawn up by the WCA. (World Cargo Alliance)

Ethical guidelines are described and adopted by the board of directors in our operations.

These deal with our attitudes towards the day-to-day performance of our work and include relevant and statutory matters.

All employees have received and signed these and relate to them daily.

Our further work will consist of following up with existing suppliers and evaluating and approving new suppliers. We are also
considering extending our ethical guidelines to our suppliers.

Fredrikstad 1 June 2024

Geir Teistung, Managing Director

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